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So you're having a party huh?

Looking for the perfect meal to spice up your office meeting or family gathering? Never fear... Hello Bistro catering is here! 

Give us an hour’s notice, and we can craft the salad of your dreams built for 5 – choose from one of our creations, or if your group is feeling creative, build your own! Group can't agree on the same salad? No problem! Our individual signature salads are now available for catering too. 

Ta-da! Suddenly, you've got upper management written all over you.You can thank us later.

And don't worry; we've got all the details under control – we'll take care of the napkins, utensils, and serving bowls. You provide the flat surface (anything will do – table, counter, hoverboard, whatever) and a healthy appetite. We'll do the rest.

What's the catch? Well, Rome wasn't built in a day – but our salads can be. We need a 1-hour notice for all catering orders. Orders can be picked up on our Hello ToGo Shelves or delivered right to your door. 

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