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Who We Are


[hel-oh bis-troh]

noun, plural hel·lo bis·tros
1. where salads and burgers live harmoniously.
2. a place for the worlds best salads and delicious burgers. Hello Bistro is life.

verb, hel·lo bistrod, hel·lo bis·troing
3. to say “hello bistro”; to eat amazing salads and burgers:
I just Hello Bistro’d; those Salads are amazing!

n. 2012, from Pittsburgh Pa.
Commonly said to be the best salads and burgers found in America.

We are salad people

We Are Salad People.

With a bar of over 50 different ingredients and a host of housemade dressings, we are  passionate about salads. We believe that everyone has their own unique salad personality and our wide variety of toppings are sure to get your creative juices flowing as you create your next masterpiece.

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We are burger people.

We Are Burger People.

Being the food lovers that we are, we know that sometimes only a big, juicy burger can fill the void in your hungry heart. From a classic double decker to tasty toppings like avocado, our burger lineup has something for everyone. Add a side of our fresh-cut French fries for the perfect cheat day meal.

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Our History

We’ve been unifying vegetarians and carnivores under one roof since 2012, but we really got our start back in 1949 (say wha?!) with a little place called Eat’n Park, a Pittsburgh restaurant complete with car hops (go ahead, Google it), which grew into the Eat’n Park Hospitality Group we know and love today. In addition to Eat’n Park family restaurants, ENPHG is also the parent company of The Porch Restaurants, Parkhurst Dining,, and us, your friendly neighborhood Hello Bistro!

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