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10 Ways to Eat a Burger at Hello Bistro

Posted: October 14, 2022
10 Ways to Eat a Burger at Hello Bistro

You know there are a number of ways to create a burger at Hello Bistro, but did you know there are also ways to EAT a burger? Prepare to have your mind blown.  

Regular way. Obviously. You just take a bite and enjoy.  

Outside on our patio! Sometimes sunshine adds to the already delicious taste!  

Cut in half to save for later. For when you want a snack! 

Split apart one piece at a time. Start with the bun, then lettuce, burger, etc.  

With French fries and a drink! Classic! 

With a side salad! Gotta get in those veggies! 

With the wrapper around it so you don’t make a mess. We never spill our burger on ourselves...

Dipping it in ketchup or ranch. Everyone has done this at some point! 

Upside down. Apparently your tongue hits the toppings first, and it’s a total gamechanger! 

With a knife and fork. Mr. Pitt and his Snickers style.  

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