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Order by Your Favorite Flavor Profile

Posted: April 8, 2024
Order by Your Favorite Flavor Profile

With so many new options on the Hello Bistro menu, we’re changing the way you order! Here’s what you need to know when you go to place an order for a salad, grain + greens, wrap, or pasta + greens. 

1. Begin with Your Favorite Flavor Profile. 

Are you feeling the sweet and spicy Thai Peanut flavors? Or maybe you’re in the mood for the creamy avocado and bacon in Classic Cobb? Start with the flavor profile that sounds good to you and build from there! 

2. Choose Your Base: Make It a Salad, Wrap, Grains + Greens, Or Pasta + Greens.  

What kind of base do you want? The salads include a variety of greens depending on which salad you select (for example, Caesar Salad includes romaine lettuce). Grain + greens pack ancient grains, spinach, and kale into your meal. Wraps include a flour tortilla, and pasta + greens take the flavor profile ingredients and mix them with rotini pasta, spinach, and kale.  

3. Choose a Protein! 

Choose between roasted chicken, chimichurri chicken, and fiesta-seasoned chicken if you’re in a fowl mood. For vegetarians and vegans, we have avocado and tofu! Plus, don’t forget shrimp and salmon for seafood lovers. You can also double-up your protein if you’re feeling a bit extra! 

And that’s it! Just three little decisions and you’re on your way to a delicious meal just the way you like it! Place an order when you dine in or on our app or online for pickup. 


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