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Fresh Summer Fruit Pairings

Posted: June 10, 2024
Fresh Summer Fruit Pairings

You know what fruit you’re craving, but what does it go best with? Here are some of our favorite fresh summer fruit pairings to try this summer! 

Strawberry and Spinach 

An iron-rich food like spinach pairs well with strawberries because vitamin C increases iron absorption. 

Mandarin Orange and Broccoli 

Boost your vitamin C intake for a better immune system while you also strengthen your bones with your favorite tree-looking veggie.  

Pineapple and Sweet Potato 

Pineapple tastes sublime with sweet potato! Both have naturally distinct flavors that blend well together.  

Blueberry and Avocado 

For a sweet and creamy meal, you can’t go wrong with these two ingredients.  

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