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Fall Flavors Are Here!

Posted: September 14, 2021
Fall Flavors Are Here!

Don’t tell the other seasons, but fall is our favorite. Why? Because of pumpkin spice and everything nice, including new items on our menu! Stop by to give our newest favorites a try!

Autumn Apple Chicken & Pear Salad
Mixed Greens + Roasted Chicken + Pears + Fuji Apples + Bacon + Feta Cheese + Dried Cranberries + Peanuts x Poppy Seed Vinaigrette = You’ll Fall For This Salad….Get It?

Fall Chicken Caesar Salad
Romaine (In Season) + Kale + Spinach + Roasted Chicken + Roasted Sweet Potatoes + Granny Smith Apples + Brussels Sprouts + Shaved Parmesan + Croutons x Caesar Dressing = Hail, Fall Flavors!

Everyman Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Combo
Our Everyman Grilled Cheese Sandwich + Cup of Tomato Soup

Chimichurri Chicken Grain Bowl
(Served Cold) Ancient Grains + Chimichurri Chicken + Avocado + Roasted Sweet Potatoes + Red Bell Peppers + Roasted Broccoli + Kale + Spinach x Lemon Vinaigrette = You Had Me At Chimichurri. 

Sesame Shrimp Grain Bowl
(Served Cold) Ancient Grains + Asian Sesame Shrimp + Roasted Broccoli + Red Bell Peppers + Red Onions + Carrots + Kale + Spinach + Chow Mein Noodles+ Sesame Seeds x Asian Sesame Dressing = Open Sesame! 


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