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Hello Bistro Catering Salads for Every Office Personality

Posted: December 1, 2023
Hello Bistro Catering Salads for Every Office Personality

Having an office party? Make sure you have Hello Bistro catering size salads! Hello Bistro catering salads serve up to 5 and are an easy option to leave everyone full and satisfied. Plus, you can pick them up for takeout at all Hello Bistro locations! 

Not sure what salads to choose? Here are 5 suggestions according to your office personality!  

Green Goddess Salad – Marketing/Advertising 

For content creators, account execs, creatives, and everyone else who want to get the word out about the business, the Green Goddess Salad is the perfect salad for capturing everyone’s attention with mixed greens, roasted chicken, bacon, pickled red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, and Green Goddess dressing. 

Chicken Caesar Salad - Accounting 

Just like a good accountant, you can always rely on this go-to salad! Plus, it’s economical, made with the fewest ingredients that still pack a punch of flavor, including romaine, roasted chicken, shaved Parmesan cheese, croutons, and Caesar dressing.  

Build Your Own – Human Resources 

Human Resources professionals have to be comfortable making tough decisions, so a Build Your Own Salad is ideal for them! They get to choose the greens, protein, cheese, and other good stuff to build the salad of their dreams! 

Greek Chicken Salad – Information Technology (IT)  

Many employees look at technology and say, “It’s all Greek to me!” But not your IT department! That makes the Greek Chicken Salad their jam, made with mixed greens, roasted chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, feta cheese, kalamata olives, croutons, and Greek dressing.  

Chicken Fiesta Salad – Sales 

Sales professionals are a social group, so they certainly know how to party! The Chicken Fiesta Salad suits their personality, featuring mixed greens, fiesta-seasoned chicken, fire-roasted corn, black beans, red onions, fiesta-roasted red and green peppers, jalapeñno pepper blend, avocado, corn tortilla strips, and citrus lime vinaigrette.  


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